Map not updating

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Map not updating

Post by Slayd » Tue Aug 18, 2015 5:47 pm

With IRE games, I will get a message that there is an updated map to download. I go to settings->mapper and click on the download button. I see a dialogue box open for a millisecond, then close.

Later, I will get the update message again. Oh, after I do click the download button, I do click the link that tells mudlet I did update the map.

I don't think the map is getting updated.

Related to this is the problem when I open a new profile in an IRE game. When I download the initial map, the 'map' directory in the profile is not created, and no map.dat is downloaded. I have to manually create the 'map' directory in the profile and seed that directory with a map from another profile for that IRE game.

Achaea will work if I switch to crowdmap. None of the other IRE games use crowdmap. I think this functionality is broken.

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