Visual Label Adjustment

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Visual Label Adjustment

Post by Jor'Mox » Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:34 pm

Ever wanted to just drop down a label, and drag it around to get it where you wanted it, without all the hassle of figure out what the right numbers are to make it go where you want? Now there is a script for that.

This script either takes an existing Geyser label, or the necessary info to create one for you, and enables you to click and drag to move and resize the label as desired. And when you are done, you can set the label to have either fixed or percentage based size and/or position. I made this as a stepping stone toward something else, so I'm not really sure how useful it is in general, but it is still pretty neat.

To use it: GUIlabel.adjustLabel(label variable, OR table with info to create label in Geyser, OR name, x, y, width, height, color)
Then click and drag in the middle to move it around, or near an edge (within 10 pixels) to resize that edge, and yes you can do two at once by clicking near a corner.
To finish adjusting the label: GUIlabel.finishLabel(label variable, size_as_percent, position_as_percent)
If either size or position is set as a percent, the finishLabel function gets their current absolute values in pixels and converts them into a percentage of the main window, so that as it is resized, the label maintains that percentage size or position.
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
GUIlabel = GUIlabel or {}
local adjustInfo

GUIlabel.adjustLabel = function(name, x, y, w, h, c)
    local info, lbl
    if type(name) == "table" then
        if name.type == "label" then
            lbl = name
            info = name
        info = {name = name, x = x, y = y, width = w, height = h, color = c}
    if not lbl then
        lbl = Geyser.Label:new(info)
    if info then
        return lbl

local function make_percent(num)
    num = math.floor(10000*num)/100
    num = tostring(num).."%"
    return num

GUIlabel.finishLabel = function(lbl, size_as_percent, position_as_percent)
    local x, y, w, h = lbl:get_x(), lbl:get_y(), lbl:get_width(), lbl:get_height()
    local winw, winh = getMainWindowSize()
    x, y, w, h = make_percent(x/winw), make_percent(y/winh), make_percent(w/winw), make_percent(h/winh)
    if size_as_percent then lbl:resize(w,h) end
    if position_as_percent then lbl:move(x,y) end

GUIlabel.onClick = function(lbl, event)
    if event.button == "LeftButton" then
        local x, y = getMousePosition()
        local w, h = lbl:get_width(), lbl:get_height()
        local x1, y1 = x - event.x, y - event.y
        local x2, y2 = x1 + w, y1 + h
        local left, right, top, bottom = event.x <= 10, x >= x2 - 10, event.y <= 10, y >= y2 - 10
        if right and left then left = false end
        if top and bottom then top = false end
        local move = not (right or left or top or bottom)
        adjustInfo = {name =, top = top, bottom = bottom, left = left, right = right, move = move, x = x, y = y}

GUIlabel.onRelease = function(lbl, event)
    if event.button == "LeftButton"  and adjustInfo and == then
        adjustInfo = nil

GUIlabel.onMove = function(lbl, event)
    if adjustInfo and == then
        local x, y = getMousePosition()
        local winw, winh = getMainWindowSize()
        local x1, y1, w, h = lbl.get_x(), lbl.get_y(), lbl:get_width(), lbl:get_height()
        local dx, dy = adjustInfo.x - x, adjustInfo.y - y
        local max, min = math.max, math.min
        if adjustInfo.move then
            local tx, ty = max(0,x1-dx), max(0,y1-dy)
            tx, ty = min(tx, winw - w), min(ty, winh - h)
            lbl:move(tx, ty)
            local w2, h2, x2, y2 = w - dx, h - dy, x1 - dx, y1 - dy
            local tx, ty, tw, th = x1, y1, w, h
            if then
                ty, th = y2, h + dy
            elseif adjustInfo.bottom then
                th = h2
            if adjustInfo.left then
                tx, tw = x2, w + dx
            elseif adjustInfo.right then
                tw = w2
            tx, ty, tw, th = max(0,tx), max(0,ty), max(10,tw), max(10,th)
            tw, th = min(tw, winw), min(th, winh)
            tx, ty = min(tx, winw-tw), min(ty, winh-th)
            lbl:move(tx, ty)
            lbl:resize(tw, th)
        adjustInfo.x, adjustInfo.y = x, y
Edit: Minor tweak to keep label from flipping sides if it gets too close to the edges, and similar mischief. Label limited to actual area of main window.

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