Triggering an action from a list-

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Triggering an action from a list-

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Confused here.. So, I have a table of afflictions that I want to trigger an action if it meets a certain requirement, and I can't wrap my brain around how to go about doing it. For instance, in Lusternia with the changes to Healer tert and afflictions that affect healer, I want a trigger to cauterize a target that meets 1 of 2 conditions: 1) When they have at least 1 spiritual affliction, 1 mental, 1 physical affliction, completely twisted aura and will cost 5p(power) out of 10 power max. 2) OR if the target's aura is dangerously unravelled, that they will be cauterized instantly regardless. <--Gives a visual of what the line looks line when the target has the "completely twisted aura" when you can just trigger the instant kill off of since it met 1 of the 2 conditions.(Target had one spiritual, mental and physical affliction and completely twisted aura) I have listed a table of afflictions that fit into the affliction type when I want to succor the target to see what afflictions they have:

Code: Select all

^(\w+) is:$
succor = {}
hcures = {
["extremely oily."] = "sensory",
["ablaze"] = "sensory",
["sensitive to pain."] = "sensory",

["has a serious concussion."] = "fractures",
["suffering from a damaged skull."] = "fractures",
["suffering from a damaged throat."] = "fractures",
["suffering from damaged organs."] = "fractures",
["suffering from a damaged right leg."] = "fractures",
["suffering from a damaged left leg."] = "fractures",
["suffering from a damaged left arm."] = "fractures",
["suffering from a damaged right arm."] = "fractures",

["anorexic."] = "neurosis",
["suffering from epilepsy."] = "neurosis",
["confused."] = "neurosis",
["afflicted with clumsiness."] = "neurosis",

["asthmatic."] = "choleric",
["violently ill."] = "choleric",
["suffering from a bad bout of dysentery."] = "choleric",
["sickened by an unusal illness."] = "choleric",
["suffering from a pox."] = "choleric",
["infected with scabies mites."] = "choleric",

["afflitied by haemophilia."] = "sanguine",
["afflicted by thin blood."] = "sanguine",

["afflicted with the curse of Aeon."] = "phlegmatic",
["paralysed."] = "phlegmatic",
["turning stiff like a corpse."] = "phlegmatic",
["emanating an aura of repugnance."] = "phlegmatic",
["pacified."] = "phlegmatic",

["afflicted with achromatic aura."] = "auric",
["cursed with the healthleech."] = "auric",
["cursed by powers spikes."] = "auric",
["cursed by mana barbs."] = "auric",
["cursed by ego vice."] = "auric",
["being sapped of power."] = "auric",
["surrounded by a colourful light."] = "auric",

["unnaturally stupid."] = "mania",
["reckless."] = "mania",
["hallucinating."] = "mania",
["addicted to potions."] = "mania",
["paranoid."] = "mania",
["asthmatic."] = "mania",


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