Drawing shapes with script?!

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Drawing shapes with script?!

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In mushclient I was able to create a "miniwindow" and draw various shapes and lines inside it. I'd like to script my own map-display but I can't figure out how to draw squares, circles or lines to connect them. Is this even possible in mudlet?

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Re: Drawing shapes with script?!

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Not really - you can draw custom exit lines with an arbitrary number of points both by hand or by script - but they are tied at the beginning to the room that they represent an exit from in the 2D mapper... which I guess is not quite what you are after. Theoretically it ought to be possible to insert images into map labels which can be drawn under or over the rooms and exits shown therein but again I guess that that is not what you are looking for. Of course if you can code in C++ you might be able to improve the map display to support the sort of features you are looking for ...

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