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So i've got this triggerset that just grabs my group members from a group list, ill include the whole triggerset here..

Been working on this functionality.

this is pretty close to done, hoping for someone seeing what im doing wrong.

what this is supposed to do:

when i type group, it builds a list of castable buffs, i will work on the buff list once this functionality is working.

to test this i do this:
lua echoPopup("blur|", {[[mud:send "bl test"]]}, {"blur test"})

this makes a clickable link that tries to blur test

so, here's what i did

1) Create a new trigger group with all of this in it, i called it BuffGroup which is irrellavant

2) Create new triggers

Substring:Group information for
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
Name: GroupLine
Regex:- ([A-Za-z ]+)

My problem, its not sending the commands, ive tried send "bl " .. temp, mud:send "bl " .. temp, send("bl " .. temp)
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
local temp = matches[2]
echoPopup("->blur|", {[[mud:send "bl " .. temp]]}, {"blur "  .. temp})
echoPopup("ds|", {[[mud:send "ds " .. temp]]}, {"ds "  .. temp})
echoPopup("gi", {[[mud:send "gi " .. temp]]}, {"gi test"})
Name: EndGroup
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
Once i got this running and type group
and get

Group information for Vamot and Company
Size: 2
(Head) 108/108 move 805/724 hit - Vamot->blur ds gi
104/104 move 666/666 hit - Poromople->blur ds gi

you can see the string when u hold the mouse over it, its correct
dunno whats goin on.

also tried this:
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
local temp1 = "bl " .. matches[2]
local temp2 = "ds " .. matches[2]
local temp3 = "gi " .. matches[2]

echoPopup("blur ", {[[send "say " .. temp1]] }, {temp1})
echoPopup("ds ", {[[send "say " .. temp2]] }, {temp2})
echoPopup("gi ", {[[send "say " .. temp3]] }, {temp3})

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Re: echoPopup()

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figured it out huzzah, expandAlias instead of send!

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Re: echoPopup()

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It will work - but it's not the best! See ... xpandAlias on how to do it in a better way

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