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User Windows

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Alright! I made two user windows to put my house chat and tells into. Both display what they are supposed to. The problem is that When I try to place on over the other on the right it will cover the entire portion and the other window will not be seen. I can resize them nicely, but when you dock one or move it into that pane it will take up ALL of the space regardless if I made it smaller! If I place one first and then try and place the other it'll just cover up the one that I placed before. This is frustrating! I had to put it on the left slide to be able to see both. I should not have to do this! I should be able to dock them as small or large as I want them and be able to dock multiple user windows on either side as I see fit. Can this please be fixed or someone instruct me how to do this please? Thanks!

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Re: User Windows

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Are you trying to set it up so that only one can be seen at a time, and you choose which one by clicking on a tab? Or are you trying to have them both visible, but in different places on the screen?

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Re: User Windows

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We have dock windows with a proper frame that can be docked, tabbed etc. and frameless mini console windows that can be moved, hidden, resized etc. What are you referring to? Most of the window-api relates to mini console windows only. Dock windows require user interaction for resizing, moving etc.

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Re: User Windows

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He was referring to the user ones

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