Colors from a MOO

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Re: Colors from a MOO

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Humm, there is a simpler way and a little explanation needed for this - after a ␛[0m code is received the colour is reset to "default" which, obviously can be made bold with a ␛[1m - "␛[" being the SGR code I referred to before. To colour the "default" you must modify the "Foreground:" setting in the tab(which is actually labelled "Color view" on the Profile Preferences) NOT the colour that it appears as on screen - which in the sample is a gray.

See the difference between the top part - which is the original colours using the "reset to default" colours compared to the bottom after I had my wicked way with the palette as shown...! :lol:
A rather oddly coloured sample output
A rather oddly coloured sample output

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