basic alias question

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basic alias question

Post by BrandNew »

I'm trying to make an alias for garrote.

So far, I have this:

Alias name: garrote
Pattern: ^gr (\w+)$
Substitution: (blank)

kill1 = "gr"
script = "SendGarrote"
match = "^gr (?P<rat>\w+)"
enabled = "y"
regexp = "y"
sequence = "100"

function bash (name, line, wildcards)
bashingTarget =;


I truly know nothing about Lua, so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I get an error saying: Lua Syntax error:[string "function Alias1()..."]:2:unexpected symbol near ' whenever I try to activate it (although I don't even know what activate does)

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Re: A very simple question.

Post by Heiko »

You should start by reading the manual. Anything else doesn't make sense. The manual isn't complete and partly out of date, but it will get you started in Mudlet as well as teach you what you need to know about Lua to write your own scripts.

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topic suggestion

Post by eraldo »

How do you know that the problem is simple if you don't know what the problem is? ^^
Well... I do know what you mean...
but I would still recommend putting something like:
'alias error for garrote'
'alias for garrote'
even 'alias error' tells me more than 'A very simple question.'
plus others can find this post if looking for 'error' and/or 'alias'

PS: This is just a hint to possibly make cooperation easier. ;)

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Re: A very simple question.

Post by Caled »

Tell us what the alias is trying to do. And please don't post any of that xml output - its just confusing.

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