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Post by Nyyrazzilyss » Thu May 19, 2016 6:43 pm

It would appear moveCursor doesn't have any effect on the next line received from the mud, only text inserted.

Is there another command I could use to do that? What i'd like to do is force the next lines+ received to start printing at currentline-x (then at such time as it reaches currentline return to normal/adding lines etc)

The reason behind this is i've written a series of gags/etc to create my own 'condensed' mode of the muds output. Example:

I might receive:


If the prompts are identical, I delete the final two lines, and replace the first line with

prompt (x2)

An occasional problem i'm seeing with this is ''jitter' in the mud screen. This would usually happen if a dozen (gagged) lines occur between the two indentical prompts. The entire screen might move upwards to insert the new lines, then downwards when I delete the lines. What i'm hoping to be able to do is erase (not delete) the lines so the screen doesn't move, then have the next line to arrive be placed appropriately.


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