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Prompt Trigger

Post by Dom »

Hey Anyone!

I have been playing around with Mudlet for a bit now and the prompt trigger is just not working for me. Even importing Vadi's autosipper, everything works but there is no reaction to anything at the prompt. Has anyone had this? I am using the standard ^(\d+)h, (\d+)m as a perl regex trigger and my prompt is: 3513h, 2986m ex-


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Re: Prompt Trigger

Post by Heiko »

Post a screenshot of your trigger. If it doesn't work you'll have made some mistake somewhere.
Try the achaea demo package. It'll show you how to do prompt triggering etc.

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Re: Prompt Trigger

Post by Caled »

Try opening the debug window (the button with the red bug on it, in the settings editor, next to the 'save profile' button.

Once it is open, wait for a prompt to arrive, and look at the debug window. It will tell you if the trigger fired or not, and if a red error message appears, it may also be that the trigger has fired but an error in the script is stopping anything from happening.

Heiko is right - a screenshot would make it easy to help you, but that is how you could go about testing it out yourself.

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