Help with highlighting names and groups

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Help with highlighting names and groups

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I am looking to highlight all names displayed in Achaea when typing City enemies. Might be as many as 500 to 1500 depending on my alt. How do I go about doing this? I want to highlight them in red. I am kind of noob at scripting, so a more detailed explanation may be required. It frustrates me that many MUD clients do not have a super easy and straightforward way of highlight groups of names or even just highlighting them one by one. Wizard FrontEnd and Stormfront for Dragonrealms have this feature. It is extremely useful and I'd like to know how to be able to do it in Mudlet. I read over the documentation, but I couldn't figure out anything about highlighting from it. Pretty sure this is not in it. Please help?

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Re: Help with highlighting names and groups

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This can be done with a small script that parses the output of city ennemies and creates a tempTrigger for each name on the list and colorize the name red.

Beta-10pre has a simple GUI to help with colorization triggers. Beta-10pre is already available via git or ubuntu repository. Windows users will have to wait a bit more. Maybe tonight or tomorrow night.

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