A trigger for the stats of a character

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A trigger for the stats of a character

Post by George74 » Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:17 am

Hello. I'd like to make a trigger for the stats of a character in my MUD (GNS Shadowdale). When i make a new character the machine rolls stats and ask if you are ok:
STR : You are slightly favored in tug-o-war games.
DEX : You have good balance.
INT : You are a brilliant and inventive thinker.
WIS : You usually make sound decisions.
CON : You never get sick and can run miles without tiring.
CHR : You are popular.

Do these stats look satisfactory to you? [y/n]:"
(The answers are not the same everytime)
How can I make a trigger which is checking "str", "dex" and "con" and if ONE of them, OR TWO, or ALL are NOT these:
"STR : You must have been born of giants!", "DEX : You could even avoid a hard look." and "CON : WOW I bet you are naturally immune.", send the answer "no" to the game? (the OR trigger is not good becouse perhaps it will send the answer "no" tree times!! Thank you.

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