Downloads, source code, git repository & documentation

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Downloads, source code, git repository & documentation

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*** Download Latest Binaries And Source Code ***

Mudlet download page on ... rce=navbar

***NOTE*** Due to internal sourceforge software upgrades the URL of the git repository has recently changed. It can be found here:
latest source code:
commit browser:
access via git: git clone git:// mudlet-code
zip archive of the latest sourcecode:

Manual & Documentation: shipped with every version of Mudlet
( future contributors: )

*** HOWTO Build Mudlet Yourself ***
You need to link mudlet against the qt-4.7-sdk libs available from Otherwise you'll get random crashes due to broken/incompatible qt and other system libs on your particular Linux distro. Install the sdk into your home directory. It does not interfere with your system qt installation. To link against the qt-sdk libs you need to use qmake from the sdk, then make. make install is no longer supported. Consequently, you need to run mudlet from mudlet/src directory with ./mudlet.

more information: ... =30#p15060

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