Matching all lines in an xml tag

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Matching all lines in an xml tag

Post by Brynniel » Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:35 am

The MUD I play supports the sending of XML tags to facilitate matching specific information. <description> is one tag that I'd like to use to capture all characters between the opening <description> and closing </description> tags. This can span multiple lines, as in the example console image I've included. I've also included an image of my attempt at writing such a trigger, but it doesn't work since the text "A mailbox stands here stuffed full of messages." is also highlighted.

Some other things I've tried:
- Using three triggers: (.+) that catches all characters (initially disabled), <description> which enables the previous trigger, </description> which disables the trigger.
- Chaining and use of fire length
- Simply using one trigger with a single line: <description>(.+)</description>, but that doesn't seem to work since it appears Mudlet goes line by line and my MUD's <description> content spans multiple lines.

Thanks for your help!
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