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Capture Trigger

Post by Kyle »

I'm looking to capture dialogue on channels on Achaea and put them in a chat tab I've installed with a script. The issue I'm running into is that the end of dialogue will get cut off, with it appearing on my screen and the other half appearing in the tab. Is there a piece of code that would capture all of said channel and what is said so that it appears in the tab?

I have my screen width set to 80. That seems as if it complicates things as far as word wrap.

I've had someone try to give me a piece of the trigger and use a if matches situation, but it doesn't seem to work.

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Re: Capture Trigger

Post by Sheia »

You'll need to do, config screenwidth 0 for Achaea. Then set Mudlet's word wrapping to 80, which is under Settings then Main Display.

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Re: Capture Trigger

Post by tsuujin »

You'll find that setting screenwidth to 0 on achaea also solves a whole host of other issues, as well.

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Re: Capture Trigger

Post by Gilmo »

I had the same issue, before figuring out screenwidth 0 was the way to go, I used to trigger unique settings color for my channels combined with a says*|tells* one as parent to start the capture. That could be a solution if you want to stick to screenwidth 80, but is not really worth.

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