Commands not working

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Commands not working

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AFAIK I have the newest Mudlet - 4.16.0. Unless I'm in the wrong spot, commands aren't working - input is simply printed to the screen. I type in the box next to the search bar. I'm trying to use the buitl-in generic auto-mapper. The map is up, but isn't detecting input. Since the game allows movement with both arrows and numpad keys, I thought I'd set up keys (in Mudlet) for the numpad and the (E)xit key and use them for the mapper - and use the arrow keys for navigation. Whatever method is used (keyboard hook, etc.) isn't working. On the upside, Mudlet now recognizes "offline" mode.

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Re: Commands not working

Post by Jor'Mox »

There is no way that you could use arrow key movement via Mudlet, because Mudlet doesn't sent anything to the game at all until you hit Enter. This is distinctly different from base Telnet, which sends each key stroke as you type, and so allows for some very particular features that basically no MUD client will support. Consequently, most games just don't do that, but when they do, you won't be able to use those features. That said, you could create Keybindings in your numpad that send the relevant direction commands to the game, so that you would get a user experience similar to what you mention here. Basically, you'd make a "Key" bound to, for instance, 8 on the numpad, and give it the code send("n"), so that it would send the command to move north. A setup like that should work just fine with the mapper.

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