Looking for help with two unrelated issues

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Looking for help with two unrelated issues

Post by spiralmancer »

First issue is that the version of Mudlet I had from a while back autoupdated (current version running is 4.12.0), and now the in game map shows certain characters (M for mobs in particular) in a very extreme italicized position. This makes the map extremely hard to use as the M is taking up almost 2 units of space. I have been looking around and cannot figure out how to access a function that allows me to fix it. I would be willing to completely remove italicization if there was a way to do it as I have no use for seeing anything italicized.

Second issue is I have used key bindings on the numpad for Alt-6 Alt-2 etc. When I execute the key it works like it is supposed to but it leaves strange symbols in my command line (eg. Alt-6 leaves a spade in my command line, Alt-2 a smiley face). No idea why or how to stop it from happening.

Any help would be great, thanks.

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Re: Looking for help with two unrelated issues

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Best to write two threads about this, because help will get confusing now :)

It's likely that M is italised because your game tries to show it as a blinking character - this can be fixed with a trigger that undoes the italics (maybe someone can help you write one).

The strange symbols appearing in the input line are a Windows issue - Mudlet has no control over this. There's a few threads in the forum about it here.

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