Unix like Alias command

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Unix like Alias command

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I'm new to Mudlet and have been looking around for something I think I would like to have. In the Mudlet Command Line I would like to do something similar to a Unix like alias command and also a grep like command.

Similar to the Unix `alias` command

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Similar to the Unix `alias` command with a `grep`.

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alias | grep -i fireball
Being new to Mudlet I imported a package that seems to be widely used for the Mud I'm playing (Toril). The package I've imported has a large number of Alias', Triggers, etc already defined. I know I can go into the UI and look to see if an alias is defined and what it does, but I'd prefer to do it from the Mudlet Command Line.

If possible, please let me know if there is something already defined (I've been looking for a while already) or if this is something I could write a function/script for.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Re: Unix like Alias command

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There's no such functionality at the moment. While you can search if a particular alias exists with https://wiki.mudlet.org/w/Manual:Lua_Functions#exists, you can't get a listing of all aliases.

If you'd like, you can create all your aliases yourself with tempAliases and then you could have a text listing of them all: https://wiki.mudlet.org/w/Manual:Lua_Fu ... #tempAlias

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