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Help with Tables/Scripting

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 7:56 pm
by cb13
Hey all, I was hoping I could ask some dumb questions. I have no real coding experience so I'm trying to figure things out but kinda stuck..

I'm trying to make an auto-navigation script for Fed2 that takes "go <dest>", checks where I currently am, and gets directions from a static data table to get from <current> to <dest>, if that makes sense.. I've got some of the syntax figured out, but I'm not quite sure how to set up such a table/database in the first place. Everything I've read about tables seems to address storing a couple of variables for one entry. However, this table would store 7 data points for a large number of entries. I'm happy to share the (probably not so good) start to my code if that helps.

Re: Help with Tables/Scripting

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:05 pm
by demonnic
Each item could be its own table. I've collected tables with thousands and thousands of entries, no problem.
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
  item1 = {
    thing1 = "thing1",
    thing2 = "thing2",
    -- etc
  item2 = {
    thing1 = "thing1",
    thing2 = "thing2",
    -- etc
  -- and so on and so forth

Re: Help with Tables/Scripting

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 6:27 pm
by cb13
Thanks. So once the table is created, how can I call the data within it? I.e., the script would trigger on something like ^go <destPlanet>$. If I have two variables, currentPlanet, which is updated by this script and other aliases, and destPlanet = matches[2] from the 'go' command, would my syntax be

Code: Select all

speedwalk(tables.matches(currentPlanet, fromExchange))
or would the tables.matches(currentPlanet... look for a table called currentPlanet and return an error?

I'm including what I've got so far with my comments just to make what I'm trying to figure out a little clearer.

Code: Select all

-- Table has the following information stored:

  -- PlanetName - name of Planet
  -- System - star system of Planet
  -- Cartel -- star systems are collected into several "cartel" star systems
            -- in a hub-and-spoke system
            -- Cartels serve as hubs to other cartels and can travel directly to
            -- Systems contained within them and also other Cartels
            -- Systems can travel directly to other Systems within their parent
            -- cartel, otherwise they must travel to the Cartel hub
  -- fromLink -- Each system has its own outer space and a designated hyperlink
              -- to travel to/from other systems/cartels
              -- fromLink provides navigation from the System/Cartel hyperlink 
              -- through the System's space to PlanetName
  -- toLink -- contains directions from PlanetName back to Link 
            -- if PlanetName shares a location with the Link, then fromLink and
            -- toLink will be empty [] and there is nothing to send below
  -- toExchange -- directions from Planet to its trading exchange
  -- fromExchange -- directions back to Landing Pad

destPlanet = matches[2]
-- there should be a variable currentPlanet that can be used by this and 
-- other aliases so that the script knows where you are

-- Find out what planet we are standing on if this is the first time starting

    -- match currentPlanet and destPlanet to PlanetName in the table, error if either is not found
    speedwalk(currentPlanet.fromExchange)   -- must be in the exchange to start the command or else you might get lostt
    send("buy fuel") -- to make sure you don't get stuck in space
    tempTimer(1, [[ send("board" ]])
    -- Check to see what cartel destPlanet is in and either jump directly to spoke or navigate to the hub link
    if currentPlanet.Cartel == destPlanet.Cartel
      then send("j " destPlanet.System) -- and then go to next step
      else send("j " currentPlanet.Cartel) -- travel to hubs and then destination spoke
           send("j " destPlanet.Cartel)
           send("j " destPlanet.System)
    tempTimer(1, [[ send("board" ]])
    -- You have arrived at your destination and we can update currentPlanet to
    -- where you are now 
    currentPlanet = destPlanet 

Here is an example table that I've got from your previous post:

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Sakura = {
  fromLink = " ",
  toLink = " ",

Goldenshoe = {
  fromLink="w, n", 
  toLink="s, e", 
So in the example above, if I were on Sakura and wanted to travel to Goldenshoe, the currentPlanet variable would = Sakura and destPlanet = Goldenshoe, and the script would look up directions from Sakura to its main hub link, and then from that link to Goldenshoe.