Targetting alias conflict in Mudlet

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Targetting alias conflict in Mudlet

Post by hruskka87 »

Hi guys, i hope im writing in the right session.
I just switched to Mudlet because of Catalina unable to run Wine anymore. So bye bye Zmud.

Anyway im having a hard time to set a simple targetting alias because of a conflict.

i have an alias for the spell DISINTIGRATE wich works like this:

Pattern: ^dis(.*)$

Command: send ("cast 'disintegrate' " .. matches [2])

now i have another alias for my spell DISPEL MAGIC wich has pattern ^disp(.*)$ and Command: send ("cast 'dispel magic' " .. matches [2])

the problem is, everytime i cast DISP, i automatically fire both DISP and DIS because somehow it reads and react to the same letters contained in the other word.

Now i know that changing the alias would be a problem-solver...but can you help me understand what am i supposed to do to solve this please?

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Re: Targetting alias conflict in Mudlet

Post by breakone9r »

Code: Select all


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Yours wants to see the p in disp as part of the match for the first one, and so the second one never gets seen.


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is "word boundary" which could be a space.. or just.. nothing beyond.

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