Can't select color for trigger

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Can't select color for trigger

Post by Lightbender »

When I try to set a color trigger I just get two buttons that say "Foreground color ignored" and "Background color ignored". When I click on the button nothing happens (I expect a color picker to come up).

Am I doing something wrong here? I can't find anything that explains how to select a color for these buttons, or what I might be doing wrong.

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Re: Can't select color for trigger

Post by SlySven »

Are you on Windows perchance? I have noticed that some Anti-virus systems on that OS get really intrusive and insist on checking every "file" the first time that it is used - and the "colour picker" as you put it for those is a file held internally to the application but which does tickle the AV file handler the first time it is used at least one in the history of the Mudlet executable (or possible once every run - as I am constantly producing new ones I am not sure what the end-user might see) - this shows up as an extra long delay before the "dialogue" (the colour picker in this case but it also applies to a number of other dialogues - including the "Do you want to Save/Not Save/Cancel?" one when closing a profile).

tl;dr; give it some time the first time and see if it does eventually appear (nominally I'd hope within, say 10 seconds - but in a particularly stressed PC - very low-memory and busy, spinning-rust type HDD, certainly within 60 seconds) ...

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