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List of MUDs that can be connected to "Securely"

Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 3:25 pm
by SlySven
I think it would be useful to record here the connection details for MUDs where the "Secure" option (to use SSL/TLS) to connect over an encrypted link to the Server as opposed to the plain-text standard Telnet one, can be used. I would like to collate them in this first post so any replies with the:
  • Mud name
  • Language used (I will assume English {American} en_US unless told otherwise)
  • Port number(s) for Secure connections
  • Alternative Port number(s) for plain Telnet connections (if provided)
would be gratefully received and added in.

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Name                      Language code  Server Name (URL)        TLS/SSL    Open      Notes
Alfandria                                  8899-8902  8888-8898 From Mudstats listing
Among The Stars TrekMUSH                1701       1700      From MudList
AnimeMUCK                                  2036       2035      From Mudstats listing
Angelic Layer MUSH               7751       7705      From MudList
Avalon                       de_DE            7778       23, 7777  In Mudlet's Predefined list
Blood of Dragons                        3001       3000      From MudList
ChatMUD                                      7443       7777      Details not tested
Discordia MUCK                     8889       8888      Called "Cloudsdale 3",
                                                                                       a post-MLP MUCK,
                                                                                       from Mudstats listing
EternityMUD                               992         23      From MudList
Fallcoast                                 12009       2009      From Mudstats listing
From the Cradle                          7007       7117      From MudList
Here Lie Monsters MUCK          7777       9999      From Mudstats listing
Hope Island MUCK                          2048       1024      From Mudstats listing
Latitude                                 992         23      From Mudstats listing
MidMUD                                        5443       5555
Miriani                      en_CA            1443       1234      From MudList      
MorgenGrauen                 de_DE                4712       4711
M*U*S*H                                4202       4201      From MudList
Portugal Virtual             pt_PT     6969       6069      Described as a Talker,
                                                                                       from Mudstats listing,
                                                                                       alias of Selva Virtual
Selva Virtual                pt_PT         7777       8888      Described as a Talker,
                                                                                       from Mudstats listing,
                                                                                       alias of Portugal Virtual
Shadowgate                                8443       8080      From Mudlist
Sociopolitical Ramifications           23551       23, 2323  From Mudstats listing
SpinDizzy                             7073       7072      From Mudstats listing
The Eternal Fantasy                   3334       3333
The Fairy Garden MUSH                        3359       3349      From Mudlist
TimMUD                                        5556       5555
Tsunami                           8023         23      From Mudlist
Unbridled Desires                 8188       8888      A furry MUCK, 
                                                                                       from Mudstats listing
Wing Command: New Horizon                     2299, 443  2199      From Mudlist
Yuriba MUSH                                   4201       4202      From Mudlist
From MudList means sourced from the data at: ... dlist.html and possibly visits to their web-site.

Avalon is included but it currently (as of 4.8.2) is set for the open connection on port 23 - this may change now I am aware of it.

M*U*S*H is the reference implementation of the PennMUSH Server.

Shadowgate recommends Mudlet as a cross-platform MUD Client. :)

ChatMUD only had a skeletal website so it was difficult to establish if it was an operable MU*.

The inclusion of a MU* here is only an indication that they appear to offer a means to connect to them via an encrypted link - the game concerned may not be in a playable state or even running!

Edit: 2020/09/25 Added some more entries from

Re: List of MUDs that can be connected to "Securely"

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 7:58 pm
by atari2600tim
The only 2 I've tried are my own, I've been logging into them securely with Mudlet for a few months:

The Eternal Fantasy, 3334 TLS
TimMUD, 5556 TLS

Grapevine has some but you have to look at the profile page for each game to find them, so there's probably more, but I found:

ChatMUD,, 7443
MidMUD,, 5443

This MSSP crawler data page shows a bunch listing SSL in their MSSP data. I haven't tested any.
It has about 20, some in the SSL variable in MSSP and a few mention SSL in the login screen. ... dlist.html

Re: List of MUDs that can be connected to "Securely"

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 8:17 pm
by Zaphob
  • MorgenGrauen
  • DE - German
  • 4712 (secure)
  • 4711 (otherwise)

Re: List of MUDs that can be connected to "Securely"

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 2:37 pm
by SlySven
Will add StickMUD ( one of the Mudlet predefined ones using 8680 for TLS/SSL (7680 for unencrypted connections) once Pull Request #4072 gets into the next release.