Directory locations for complete uninstall

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Directory locations for complete uninstall

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Directory locations for complete uninstall

I've been having some intermittent problems with my Win10 Mudlet 4.3.0 install lately, and think it's time for a complete uninstall and reinstall. I've done this once or twice in the past, but even then I'm not 100% sure that I cleared out all of the hidden directories where Mudlet stashes profiles, maps, settings, and so on. As I from time to time see the application wanting to save my crowdmap (Achaea) in a 'Mudlet-3.0-final' directory, I am almost positive that something is hanging around where it shouldn't be, despite multiple upgrades since then.

In addition to the main application install directory, where else does Mudlet save its configuration files? Looking for complete directory paths if possible. Thanks!

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Re: Directory locations for complete uninstall

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Well generally you'd find everything under a .config\mudlet directory inside your home directory (which for someone called "<username>" is C:\Users\<username> if I remember correctly from when I last booted into Windoze - ironically I expect to be doing that in the next few hours but whether I get anything useful done depends on how the Win10 updates go this time... :roll:)

Oh, you might also find an INI format settings file in C:\Users\<username>\.config\Mudlet\Mudlet.conf .

BTW We are still trying to get a "portable" form of Mudlet worked out so that you can store the data somewhere else - and we have recently added support for secure storage of profile passwords and that means that that piece of data can have moved from the base directory for each profile {C:\Users\<username>\.config\mudlet\profiles\<profileName> into an OS dependent place, which on Windows is a per user location in their registry hives...

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