Help With Gauges

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Help With Gauges

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So I am pretty new to Mudlet and scripting so to start I downloaded a GUI that I liked the look of and started trying to add to it. When I got the health gauges I found a problem.

Currently what I have for the set value is,

which I got from the geyser manual,

However whenever I launch Mudlet or restart the gauges glitch out and only show a single thick bar instead of four different ones
Screenshot (24).png
When I go to the scripts menu and click on the script for the gauges they go back to looking normally
Screenshot (25).png
Why does this happen?

My theory is that because I am logging on and the gauge can't know my health before I log on to my character. Is there a way to fix this?

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Re: Help With Gauges

Post by Vain »

I had to keep the random number for the script which created and initialized the gauges

And then update with the actual values using a script or trigger

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