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Adding SSL to Mudlet 2.1 downloadFile

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 9:24 pm
by Mathiaus
Hi! I run Mudlet on an old Inspiron E1505 Dell, and I'm limited to Windows XP currently with a 32 bit system. I want to be able to use the downloadFile() function with HTTPS links, and I know I have to manipulate the TLuaInterpreter.cpp in order do so, with:
#ifndef QT_NO_SSL
if (url.scheme() == QStringLiteral("https")) {
QSslConfiguration config(QSslConfiguration::defaultConfiguration());

I was told that I have to use the source code (probably grab it from github) and simply change or add this. My question is for mudlet 2.1, how do I implement and compile this into the client? Do I simply download the TLuaInterpreter.cpp into the src folder and change it? Do I have to download the entire source code and run that instead? I greatly appreciate any help with this.

Re: Adding SSL to Mudlet 2.1 downloadFile

Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 1:30 am
by SlySven
You will have some issues with this - and to be perfectly honest you are running some risks in connecting a Windoze XP machine to the 'Net - I hope you have a reasonable AntiVirus program installed...!

Have you considered installing a lighter weight Linux install into some space freed up from the end of the Windows OS? Another poster (viewtopic.php?f=9&t=22737) has recently asked about getting Mudlet on a 32-bit Lubuntu (Light-weight Ubuntu) OS - which is the sort of distribution that would seem to be what you might want in your situation...

There are quite a few issues/bugs/documented software misfeatures with Mudlet 2.1 (released in 2013 BTW) that have been addressed since then by the several person-years work of development that I and others have put into the project - and Windows was always more challenging to develop Mudlet on than Linux. You might still be able to down load an old Qt SDK that supported Windows 32-bit XP (e.g. ... -5.5.1.exe ) which I think is the last one that Qt did for that version...

You will want a workable git setup on the machine - then - in a cmd (?) or preferable a mingw (or was it msys) command line in a suitable directory (one without any spaces in any of the path elements - so not off of your "My Documents" folder!!!) e.g. C:\src you will want to get the source code from github with git clone ./mudlet which will place the source code into the C:\src\mudlet\ directory. Then you will want to checkout the code as it was around the time of 2.1 {I'd use gitk but other methods are also available} and run through the steps in the wiki for compiling Mudlet from source - but using the details as it was a while back such as: ... _Windows_7 .

Once you have that working - you can then edit the C:\src\mudlet\src\TLuaInterpreter.cpp as it would then be, in the manner you suggest - it might work but I suspect there will be things that I haven't thought of that will crop up in the process. :(

Re: Adding SSL to Mudlet 2.1 downloadFile

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 2:51 pm
by Mathiaus
Thanks for the info!

I have linux mint on another hard drive that I could use for this laptop. Sounds like a better, safer option. I do have mingw and git set for this laptop as well, and could follow through with source code compiling it into an exe, but I definitely feel the linux side of this being the better option.

I'll try it out and see which does better.

Re: Adding SSL to Mudlet 2.1 downloadFile

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 7:43 pm
by Mathiaus
Switching my hard drive to the linux os did the trick! It uses the SSL no problem, and I even directly download the https links without it having to redirect.