Help with creating an auto stat roller

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Help with creating an auto stat roller

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I saw a thread a while ago about someone wanting an auto stat roller for Diku mud, but they were unable to get theirs working. I've ran into a similar problem with my mud and I cannot figure it out. This is what the mud displays when you go to roll for stats:

Your current stats are:
Strength : 13/20
Intelligence : 10/20
Dexterity : 20/20
Constitution : 16/20
Charisma : 13/20
Wisdom : 13/20
STATS TOTAL : 85/120

Would you like to re-roll (y/N)?

What I would like it to do is roll until the stats are to the users specifications (something like this: if myStrength >= 20 and myIntelligence >= 8 and myDexterity >= 18 and myConstitution => 15 and myCharisma => 8 and myWisdom >= 8). So if the roll met the criteria, it would chose n(for no) and if the roll didn't meet the criteria it would choose y (for yes).

So far everything I've tried has just came back with Lua syntax errors and I've been unable to overcome this so far, was wondering if anyone could help me with this. Thanks guys.

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