Is It Possible to Force Logging when Gagging a Line

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Is It Possible to Force Logging when Gagging a Line

Post by Thelgor » Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:44 am

I'm using Mudlet 3.15.0 with YATCO 2.5 for chat management. I've noticed that the code segment used by YATCO is preventing Mudlet from correctly logging session activity when YATCO is set to gag a line. Specifically, when a trigger fires to append a line to the YATCO chat tab, YATCO will

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demonnic . chat . windows[chat]:append()
if gag enabled
   tempLineTrigger(1,1, [[if isPrompt() then deleteLine() end]])
This deleteLine and tempLineTrigger combination appears to be preventing the log file from logging the line that was processed. Is there a way to force the line to the log file (as defined in the Mudlet settings) without removing the ability to remove blank prompt lines resulting from gagging a line? If I disable gagging the line, the line gets logged but that's not ideal.

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