triggers not working with scripts

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triggers not working with scripts

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Hello all,

I'm playing Genesis with Mudlet and really liking it.
I've just started experimenting with scripts and found an interesting problem.
Some of my triggers that work very well in general do not work when I'm running a script.

The scripts in question are simple enough: a script to move me around, a trigger to do things in each room, a trigger to move on when I'm done, and aliases to stop and start the whole process. All of this works great.

But when I'm running my herbing script, the trigger that colors a message saying I'm in a room with the herb I'm looking for doesn't fire. I don't really care except it seems to be the same issue as another instance, about which I care very much.

When I'm running a hunting script, a very important trigger set to fire when I attack enemies doesn't fire. If I get it rolling after the script is running, things cycle through alright, but the pattern doesn't fire the trigger for some reason.

Anyone have similar problems, and anyone know any possible fixes? Thanks!

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