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Just so many questions

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:17 pm
by sammehaffey
I have just so many questions that I feel are never really explained in the manual or elsewhere. If someone could go over some things with me for just like 30 minutes it would be greatly appreciated as I feel with each answered question I will find 10 more. I play on Achaea my IGN is Lakish, my Discord ID is #8265 and my name is Bnetplayer. Now onto some questions.

I downloaded and uninstalled a module and now my chat is all messed up and in the middle how can i fix it?

of the same vein, my map takes up over half my screen, fix

How do the x,y coordinates work with guis? Is it like base 100 or 1000 system, is there anyway to tell where something will end up

Can i join two types of commands together? Like can i use a button that says something in chat and use an alias to pick it up and highlight or use it?

Whats the difference between scripts and just using a trigger or an alias

cecho("<light_slate_blue>My target is now: <red>""\n") several questions about this string here. What is the differnce between echo and cecho.
It has colors? Is there a list of colors I can use? And what about backgrounds? And the ellipses do i need two? Ive seen it done with just two whats the rule? Also, the quotations are weird. Do i always need those with a variable or do you need them with anything you write that will be echoed? I know "/n" means new line but does it make it thicker? If i had a that statment would it go from "My target is now ..." to
"My target is now ...
with all that blank space. Also is there a way to have multiple lines between statements.

I've heard that variables are universal but what does that mean? If i set a variable in that tab it carrys over to all others right? But what about the ones ive set in other tabs like triggers.

Re: Just so many questions

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:55 am
by SlySven
Just a partial collections of comments about your posts:

Those x,y coordinates are pixels on the on-screen window - although both(IIRC) the Geyser and Vyzor GUI managers also allow you to specify percentages (with a trailing %) to refer to quantities of the available space (which sort of helps when you are trying to design a GUIĀ for use on different screen sizes or windows that can themselves be resized).

Scripts are blocks of code (that tend to get run when loaded or saved) but they can also contain functions that can be called from the other item types (triggers, aliases, buttons, key-bindings and timers) - also a function that has the same name as the script that contains it can be an event handler that gets called when an "event" either user created or one of the number of "system" provided ones occurs - and it gets that capability when the particular events that should concern it are "registered" using those fields below the "name" one on the screen in the editor - or via a lua command.

echo(...) just treats the contents as a string to display; cecho(...) recognises those <light_slate_blue> and <red> as foreground colour settings and swallows them and applies their effect to the remainder that gets displayed - a : and a second colour specifier can also apply the second colour as a back-ground colour.

Unless a variable is declared local with, guess what, a preceding local keyword then that variable is available everywhere (also applies to variables you define on the command line). Designers of collections of code rolled up into a package or module usually choose to have a uniquely named global table into which they put all their "own" variables - you may hear this referred to as a namespace but basically it is so that other packages/modules or the user does not accidentally break things by reusing the same name by accident...!

BTW Since we started using Discord a few months ago we do now have a field on you profile data which you can fill out with your Discord Name#Number - although it does not look yet as though you can click on that in posts to make direct contact...

Re: Just so many questions

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:46 am
by sammehaffey
I am sorry it was so disjointed. I don't normally act like that however I was very frustrated. I appreciate the time you spent on your reply. It helped me out a lot. I'm in the discord it's just very overwhelming. I feel like it would be a huge waste of time for me to ask any questions that must people figured out by themselves. I want to try and learn this style because I love muds and want to be able to make something I can be proud of. I am very scared of the undertones I would give off coming in as a complete novice and knowing nothing. The topics are very complex and since this is all just a free platform I don't want to have that type of negativity that comes with asking really dumb questions

Re: Just so many questions

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:37 am
by SlySven
Don't worry - there are parts of the internal code base that even I do not grok and I've been hacking away on this for five years now - so if a newbie has a problem getting their head around a concept or feature then it is not something that is their fault unless they have not looked for help in the documentation (see the Wiki, link at the top left of the page; also try the search facility on this Forum) or it is something that that does not make clear. if it is a really dumb question then the capability of even a reasonably new user should be good enough to answer it ;) So ask away on Discord or here...