Help creating casting alias

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Help creating casting alias

Post by hunter07 »

Hello, I'm having a problem creating simple casting and targeting aliases since I do not have much experience with scripting and I was wondering if I could get some assistance

Example 1
I've created an alias to cast lightning on a target;
pattern: ^cl(.+)$
send("cast lightning"..(matches[2] or target))

This works fine. If I "cl bear", it casts "cast lightning bear".

However, it's conflicting with basic in-game commands. For example, if I "clanwhere" to check where my clannies are located, it'll do the following "cast lightninganwhere"

Example 2

I've created two aliases for different spells;

The first casts shocking on a target:
pattern: ^cs(.+)$
send("cast shocking"..(matches[2] or target))

Again, this works fine. "cs bear" casts "cast shocking bear"

The second casts sanctuary without a target (because it doesn't need one, it casts only on the user);
pattern: ^css$
command: cast sanctuary

Again, this works fine. However, it also casts shocking because of the similar syntax. So, I'll see in-game
"cast shockings"
"cast sanctuary"

In both cases, I'd like it to use the exact match of the alias syntax without conflicting with in-game commands or other aliases. I know I could simply change the pattern in example 2 to something like "^csanc$" but this does not solve the conflict with in-game commands and there are numerous ones. Is there a way to change the pattern or the sending without having to change the alias naming itself and fix this conflict?

Like I said, I have very little experience with scripting so any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Help creating casting alias

Post by keneanung »

For the spells with a target, I'd change the pattern slightly:
Pattern: ^cl(?: (.+))?$
Script: send("cast lightning " .. (matches[2] or target)) -- I added a space behind lightning

This should get rid of the conflicts, as long as there are no "cs" or "cl" aliases or in-game commands (just that word or starting with it and a whitespace).

An explanation of the changed pattern can be found at on the right side.

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Re: Help creating casting alias

Post by hunter07 »

It worked! You know, I had been experimenting with the with the spaces and the commands in the mudlet help file but I had not gotten around to this combination I guess. Thank you so much :)

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