First timer testing - 5~ empty lines ruining it

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First timer testing - 5~ empty lines ruining it

Post by melizsa » Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:02 am


So as the subject says, im new to mudlet & to LUA scripting. Been using Zscript and perl for 20 years.

But to my problem. I login to the mud "Islands of Myth"(not advertising.. just giving as much info i can) and after about 10-15 seconds it seems the client is sending what seems to be 6-7 lines of black empty spaced lines to the mud. So it is impossible to play. It happened to 2 others on the same mud who tried Mudlet because of spoke of how great the scripting seems to be.

And i did a bit of researching and it seems -alot- have the same problem.. ergo the amount of lines may vary.. it starts after 10 minutes not 10 seconds etc..

Somebody knows whats happening? Im switching from Zmud because of the limit in speed of complicated scripts..

Have a great sunday everyone & glad to be here.

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