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Hi everyone,

So on the Aetolia forums someone posted abunch of starter triggers for their system and it included a SavedVariables.lua file. I'm on a Mac and can't find the folder I'm suppose to put this in. Anyone have any idea?


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Re: SavedVariables.lua

Post by ixokai »

Okay: From Finder, hit Command-Shift-G

A little window will pop up. Enter in, carefully: ~/.config/

That's tilde, forward-slash, dot, config, forward slash.

Finder should then open up the .config directory which is normally hidden (I can't for the life of me remember the default setting to enable hidden folders, but you may check out if you're curious... I just Command-Shift-G without thinking).

Now browse down, mudlet/profiles, and look for the name of the profile that you have for Achaea. It might just be Achaea. In that directory is where you put the file.

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