Running as a CLI over SSH

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Running as a CLI over SSH

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I mud on an iPad over SSH (well, MOSH) to an Amazon EC2 server. Is it possible to run Mudlet as a purely command line utility so that I can use its engine and scripts but not its GUI?


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Re: Running as a CLI over SSH

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No, I do not believe so. I would suggest the TinTin++ CLI client which would run on a *nix (so including MacOS/Linux/Cygwin) platform and which also exists in a slightly less functional WinTin++ native Windows application. However it is a completely different beastie in terms of how one scripts things - though I think it can use an external Lua interpreter which might be helpful provided you are not using Mudlet specific add-on commands...

N.B. I do have an built-in bias as TinTin++ was what got me into FOSS coding...! :geek:

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