Mudlet Mapper - 3.0.0-iota

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Re: Mudlet Mapper - 3.0.0-iota

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Bring up the settings/options dialogue, and select the right most tab ("Special Options") and change the setting from the default of 16 to 18:
Screen-shot showing how to change the map file format
Screen-shot showing how to change the map file format
Note that this will cause the map to be saved in a newer format that cannot be read by earlier versions of Mudlet but which is needed to make use of the new per Area (and a per Map) user data storage with command similar to the existing RoomUserData commands.

When we (finally) get the 3.0.0 release version out this will default to the later form but to retain compatibility until then it has to be done manually at this stage. At that point it is our intention to try and allow saves to be done in the older format but there may be unavoidable data loss when that is used. Previously we had not provided the ability to choose the format which was problematic when changes had to be made for bug-fixing or enhancement but we will try to ensure where possible that maps can be saved to be usable with the immediate prior release version.

You may use this control to change the setting temporarily then click on the "Mapper" tab to save a copy of your map in the specified format and then click back to this tab, reset it, and click to the "Mapper" tab and repeat the save process so you have two copies in different format versions. This will be useful to those who are sharing the map with others who have not upgraded their Mudlet at a particular point in time. Note that by default Mudlet will load the latest map ordered by date and time so you will want to save in the newer (higher) version format before you end your session.

N.B. Once the higher format version has been selected and the map saved, subsequent loads will continue to use the updated version for the current profile in subsequent sessions unless it is downgraded again.

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