Mapping Saving and Merging data best practices

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Mapping Saving and Merging data best practices

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Thanks for reading.

Am I understanding correctly that the generic mapper does saves player location with table[charactername]? Then saving the table with I was wondering if saving to userData would work than thought that pushing out a new map database would clear the character location.
Is writing map data to a still be considered best practice?

Somewhat on subject with the last question.
I would like to support multiple people mapping. Sharing the map data they collect. Than if possible support offering that data to other clients.
I am looking at generic mapper functions map.import_area and map.export_area as a guide.
Using the same general method than exporting to json, to offer support for other clients.
Everything seemed strait forward. Though I feel confident I misunderstood function map.fix_portals. It looks like it converts userData entries to special exits. I know it is needed. I could not figure out why. It looks like special exits get exported and imported. Why store exits as userData?

Thanks for your time!

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