Chat Redirector?

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Chat Redirector?

Post by ringo »

I'm running a Mac. Is there any way to get one on this client? I've googled and researched and can't find anything. A redirector would make this perfect. thanks in advance.

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Re: Chat Redirector?

Post by demonnic »

Please explain what you mean by chat redirector?

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Re: Chat Redirector?

Post by Intort »

might be wrong and necro, but i guess its to divert all/part of chat text into other place.
like tabbed chat window.
i myself have started to check YATCO for the very purpose.
the space of main window is too limited to have both of vital info and chat spams.

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Re: Chat Redirector?

Post by Vadi »

Yep, YATCO would be one example.

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