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Question Guidelines

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When asking questions here on the forums, remember to do the following:
  • Explain what you are trying to do, not just what you did. This lets us know if you are on the wrong track.
  • Specify the point at which the error happens. Does it occur at the very start of your script or only after you do a certain action?
  • Copy and paste the entire error message and your code to Pastebin or Gist. These websites make it easier to share large amounts of code without risk of losing any text formatting. You can then put the URL of the posted code in your post here in the forum.
  • Explain what you've already tried to do to solve your problem. This tells us you've already put in some work to figure things out on your own.
  • If the error came up after you made a change to your code, explain exactly what you changed.
  • Say whether you're able to reproduce the error every time you run the script or whether it happens only after you perform certain actions. Explain what those actions are, if so.
Always follow good etiquette as well. For example, don't post your questions in all caps or make unreasonable demands of the people trying to help you.

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Re: Question Guidelines

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Re: Question Guidelines

Post by SlySven »

If you could also indicate what version of Mudlet and the OS platform that you are using that would also help us coders try to reproduce what you might be experiencing - each version of Mudlet introduces features (and possibly bugs) that may not be the same as other versions!

At the time of writing most of you are on Release 2.1 or a "Preview" version of 3.0.0, which currently is "delta" or for the adventurous, who want to be on the bleeding edge (there may be blood!) you might be using something even newer from our Git repositories {"release_30" is the tip from which the aforesaid "Previews" are previous steps and "development" is not quite from whence it came, and will hopefully head in the same direction, though not yet.}

Eventually (and the latest version do) Mudlet should respond to the GNU standard CLI invocation of "mudlet -v" or "mudlet --version" to say which version it is but for those of you with mainly a Graphical User Interface (Windows/MacOs) you can also get this info from the "About Mudlet" dialog that clicking the "About" button on the main toolbar brings up if you don't catch the splash screen as it flashes in front of your eyes.

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