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Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:04 am
by demonnic
Please see for the mudlet FAQ wiki page. I am going to be updating this page now with the questions that I see most often asked, whether it is on the forums here or on IRC or in a MUD I happen to be playing. This page has been around since spring of 2011, but has been in need of some major love for pretty much the entire time.

The wonderful thing about it being on the wiki is the entire community can help with this. If you know of a frequently asked question -and- have the answer to it, then please help us out by adding it. You can log in using your OpenID. That link also shows several popular sites which use openid. Meaning if you have an account with them, you have an OpenID.

I like to think we do a pretty good job of helping people get started using Mudlet, and even well beyond that into some pretty cryptic, esoteric, or advanced project assistance. I think if we as a community can get the FAQ knocked into shape, it may help us accelerate the process. After all, if the answer is on a webpage and you've been referred to it for the answer to a problem then it's natural to go back to this page to check for the answer the next time you have a question. This saves you time spent either being confused, or explaining the issue to us and waiting for us to type the answer again =).

And it's not like we won't be around answering questions the same as we have been and are now. Should you have any other questions or need further clarification on something, we'll still be available via IRC and here on the forums. Or even some of the mud specific forums out there. And this includes the entire group of helpful folks here on the forums or in IRC. We've gathered a great crowd of folks so far, let's see if we can make it even better and easier for all parties involved =)