Map room color based on info

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Map room color based on info

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I realize this is likely answered in this forum somewhere but I am new to Lua and coding in general and have been looking for the right way to describe what i am looking for.

I have a custom mapper established by the community of the MUD i play. The mapper provides a room 'info'. I am trying to change the color of the room square based on that description. It currently does that for a couple room types but, for example, when the short info contains 'A paved suburban street' i want to make that room color purple.

Could anyone point me to a thread or wiki file that would assist with that? Additionally is there a specific set of code i could look for in the file that denotes room color based on info?


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Re: Map room color based on info

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The color of the room is dictated by it's environment. See ... setRoomEnv, ... omEnvColor, ... ColorTable for some more information on how they are used. If you need more help putting the pieces together, it may be easier to dive into that on Discord, as it may involve some back and forth.

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