Mapper: create custom room icons

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Mapper: create custom room icons

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Want to add entirely custom icons to your map like the one below? Read on.
Untitled.png (3.27 KiB) Viewed 41042 times
Download and extract the icons from Once that is done, add the font to Windows 10 by double left clicking on the .ttf file.

A font window will come up and you then click the install button.

Now in Mudlet settings (mapper tab) select the font named game-icons-net in the "2D Map Room Symbol Font" drop down box.
I then used the windows character map (run charmap) to browse for the Icon I wanted. Select the icon and press the copy button. You can also use BabelMap for this.

Back in Mudlet we set the roomID (510 in the next example) and paste the icon in the character field of the setRoomChar() function: (denoted by an * in the next example)

Code: Select all

setRoomChar(510, "*")
The function should return: true

Next, updateMap() to refresh the mapper.

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