Mudlet & OSX Versions

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Mudlet & OSX Versions

Post by nesferatu »

One of our mud players is using an iMac 2012, capable of running 10.9.3 (Mavericks) at best.
He's tried to download the latest version of the Mudlet OSX client, but it isn't running on his iMac.
Is anyone able to comment on Mudlet versions against OSX version releases please, specifically which version he should be able to run?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Mudlet & OSX Versions

Post by Vadi »

We don't keep a list, but here's list of all releases available, sorted by date:;O=D perhas they can find something that works for them?

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Re: Mudlet & OSX Versions

Post by SlySven »

Given the specific MacOs version mentioned it is possible that this is the same party who is involved in which suggests that they may be able to run Mudlet 4.0.3 but they will likely have to build it them selves using a Qt MacOs 5.8 kit.

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