Howto: Get Mudlet on a raspberry pi!

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Howto: Get Mudlet on a raspberry pi!

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Thanks to a new compile time option we can now compile Mudlet for the raspberry pi! You won't be able to use the 3d view of the map, but the 2d view still works and it runs fine on my pi4 4gb. I intend to dig up my pi3 and give it a whirl on that one and report back as well.

I wrote up instructions, with some pictures, at ... _buster.29 .

And here are some pictures of Mudlet running on the pi!

These are done at 1024x768 over VNC:

First launch!

Connected up to God Wars II

And Materia Magica

Got the UI from Midnight Sun II

And since that ui didn't scale well to 1024x768 I ran it using ssh -X on my local display to get a nice 1080p shot. My monitor doesn't have an hdmi port, but the pi supports 1080p natively.

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