Mapper How to merge areas to produce an overview map

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Mapper How to merge areas to produce an overview map

Post by Heiko » Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:16 pm

Note: This tutorial requires Mudlet 2.0 which is going to be released soon.

Select all rooms in an area by pressing the left mouse button and dragging the mouse until all rooms are selcted. Then invoke the visual map editor context menua (right click) and select area. Pick the area that you want to move the rooms to. Then you go to the area that is going to hold the big map by using the area selection box in the main mapper menu. The rooms that you've merged are still selected and can now be placed where they belong on the big map. To do this right click and select "move". Then move the selected rooms from the merged area to their correct position on the big map. Unselelect the rooms and move on the the next area until all areas have been integrated into the big map. Here's an example screenshot from Midkemia (incomplete map, took me about 30 minutes to make it).

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