Multi-Play Communications

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Multi-Play Communications

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I have a question, I play a multiplayer allowable mud and i'm looking how to interact with the other windows from my main.

Example, if I run a barbarian,curist,assassin combo and i want my team to assist me in fighting or my curist to heal me, without having to tab through each windows is there a function that could be used to interact with the other windows directly from my tank profile.

Kill theif
^aa - all assist tank
^hh (.*)$ - heal .. matches[2]
backstab - assassin backstabs current attacking target

just trying to figure out how to do this. Like i said i'm trying no to tab through everything as each takes time to and easier if i could just do all the commands in one screen.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Multi-Play Communications

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You will want to look at the event system and specifically the raiseGlobalEvent(...) function that is specifically designed to send the event (the first argument, a string) and all the other arguments {and at the end the name of the profile that raised the event!} through the event system to all the other profiles. :geek:

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