Capturing a variable from MUD input/output

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Capturing a variable from MUD input/output

Post by Azra » Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:06 pm


I have tried to find the external help for few days now and I give up - maybe you can help me...

I want to create something like this:

I use a command with 5 words:
say A B C D

I want to send to MUD:
say A C
say A D
say C D

How can I capture specific words from my input command in a way that will allow me to use them as variables in alias?

And same goes for the trigger that will react to specific words that I get from MUD.
For example:

MUD tells me:
There is a AA BB CC in the room.

And I would like to make a trigger that will react like that:
say AA CC
say BB

Best regards,

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