Installing Mudlet on a Chromebook (ChromeOS 69)

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Installing Mudlet on a Chromebook (ChromeOS 69)

Post by EldritchReplicant » Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:12 pm

I had a question if I could post a tutorial on this forum how to install Mudlet (by user /u/Vadi2 on /r/MUD) on a Chromebook with ChromeOS 69 (as of writing currently in Beta, and not available on all Chromebooks as of yet)

I then saw nice instructions by /u/Reichstein on /r/ChromeOS to install a different program on Chromebooks, but I used his wording and rephrased it to Mudlet. So here it goes:
If you are on beta channel your device should have updated to 69 (or will soon).
Once you are on version 69, have a look in settings, just under "google play store" you should see "Linux (Beta)".
Click that and follow the instructions to install the linux VM (pretty much just clicking next a few times).
Once that's done you should have a "Terminal" app in your app list.
Open terminal and use the command "sudo apt-get install mudlet" to download an install Mudlet.
I should mention that not all devices support linux apps, so if you are on 69 but don't see the "Linux (Beta)" option your device may be unsupported at this time.
I hope this helps!

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Re: Installing Mudlet on a Chromebook (ChromeOS 69)

Post by Belgarath » Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:30 am

If you're eager to use the latest and greatest, you can also use the AppImage after extracting its contents.

./Mudlet.AppImage --appimage-extract

Then you can rename the squashfs folder and run the mudlet executable within.

disclaimer: it may be buggy

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