Importing .lua file types

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Importing .lua file types

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A friend just sent me a large package in lua for me to try out, since I'm brand new to Mudlet. The problem is that all of the files are *.lua and won't import successfully. They won't copy/paste into the settings, possibly because there are comments throughout. Is there a way to upload *.lua that I haven't been able to find yet? Or will it work if I simply remove the comments, then c/v the code? And, finally, this is in about a dozen different files. If I manage to import or paste the code, do I need to do anything special to make it compile successfully?

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Re: Importing .lua file types

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I'd recommend at looking the errors you get... the problem lies there. Sure, you can either copy/paste, or call dofile on them, to get them into Mudlet.

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