[BUG - 3.0.0 "Epsilon" preview] New Connection, CRASH

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[BUG - 3.0.0 "Epsilon" preview] New Connection, CRASH

Post by Tesagk »

System: Windows 10 (updated to current); other details provided as requested.
Mudlet: 3.0.0-epsilon

How to replicate:
1. Open up Mudlet and click "Connect"
2. Click "New"
3. Input a name
4. Click off of the input box; OR hit [enter]; OR hit [tab]
5. Mudlet crashes

This seems like a fairly big bug, so I'm surprised I haven't seen anything on it. Then again, I'm really bad about missing the obvious, so... :lol:

[SlySven, Editor:] Tweaked the title to emphasis which version this bug was in - the fix is already in the source code and may be out the door already...

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Re: [BUG] New Connection, CRASH

Post by Nyyrazzilyss »

This bug is pretty major yes, and has been identified/fixed for the next release. It is expected to be much quicker to be available then the 2 years between delta and epsilon.


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