Mudlet roadmap >> global feature/request list

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Mudlet roadmap >> global feature/request list

Post by eraldo » Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:35 pm

Mudlet roadmap
global feature / request list

I thought it would be a good idea to have a global mudlet todo list.

  • everyone can see what feature(s)?( requests)? there (were|are|will be)
  • one could check who is working on what and find requests that no one is working on
  • each (feature|request) can be discussed
  • lacking time but wanted a 4. reason :D
  • We could use the forum like so:
    Mudlet Development/Features/
    each post being a feature request/feature
    the following topic syntax could be used: "<STATE> <feature name> > <Person>"
    this is nice because the topic can be changed anytime ;)

    • post: TODO Control + Arrow macro > Heiko -- request, Heiko is working on it
    • post: TODO code tab -- request, no one is working on it
  • post: DONE trigger machine > Heiko -- implemented feature, done by Heiko[/*]
I guess this could serve as a workaround until there is another system
that allows for more complexity e.g. 10 people working on it ;)[/*]

We could use the homepage
and come up with a system there

Further examples of use:
  • users could get inspired by looking through the requests and formulate some more requests
  • users could comment on how else to accomplish that request or get rid of the need for it
  • users could comment on features and requests > like/dislike + reason
This idea is of course open for discussion!

Greetings from Austria,

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