Startup crash with autologin feature in current source code

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Startup crash with autologin feature in current source code

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Please be advised that a bug has been detected in both the current development and the release_30 preview code branches that causes Mudlet to crash whilst loading the (first) profile which has the auto login option set:
I am checking to see how far back this bug manifests, and I have logged it as bug 1624720. Should you be affected by it you can disable the autologin by deleting the file called "autologin" in the base directory FOR that profile. Note that other profiles that are not set to start in this way may/will also have such a file but their contents will be different so that the feature is disabled (you could copy the file from one of those profiles to an affected one, but as it is regenerated each time you visit the "Connect" dialog screen and the behaviour if the file is missing is to leave the feature switched off that is not really worth the effort!) Obviously if you do accidentally set it and get stuck (as Mudlet will crash on subsequent invocations before you could get to the screen to unset) then deletion of the file is the quickest temporary workaround...

Hopefully we can diagnose and cure it quickly - I will update this post when we have done so. :geek:

Edit: It appears to also affect the actual code version that was originally released as the "delta" preview. :(

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